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BCM-HGSC receives genomics funding
Helping families
Improving the bovine genome  Focusing on the Y chromosome to improve the bovine genome
Aphids and beetles and mites. Oh, My!  Dr. Stephen Richards works with scientists around the world to understand what bugs us
Genome center scientists investigate hon-human primates as models of human disease and windows into human genome evolution.


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Minority Diversity Initiative program

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6th International Conference on Primate Genomics

This meeting is postponed to a future date. Current registrants will be contacted with further details. We regret any inconvenience caused by this change.  We do plan to organize and hold the Primate Genomics meeting at a later date.  That conference will bring together internationally recognized experts in genome technology, comparative genomics, bioinformatics, genetic analysis of primate models of disease and other related fields.

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Assessing structural variation in a personal genome—towards a human reference diploid genome

In a paper published in BMC Genomics, a team led by scientists from Baylor College of Medicine’s Human Genome Sequencing Center present Parliament, a structural variant (SV) calling pipeline that brings together multiple data types and SV detection methods to improve the characterization of these larger variants.

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Gibbon genome and the fast karyotype evolution of small apes

image: Cover of Nature higlighting article titled "Gibbon genome and the fast karyotype evolution of small apes"The sequence and analysis of the gibbon genome was published in the journal Nature and led by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University, the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center and the Washington University School of Medicine’s Genome Institute.

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Whole Genome Sequencing

WGL: Whole Genome LaboratoryThe development and clinical implementation of the Whole Exome Sequencing test derives from a joint effort by Baylor's Human Genome Sequencing Center and Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories to establish a clinical laboratory dedicated to state-of-the-art next generation sequencing.

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