Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Genome Project

Image source: David R. Lance, USDA APHIS PPQ [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys)

Contact: Dawn Gundersen-Rindal

Researchers involved:
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Keywords (and why important): 1050 male, 1150 female

New pest spreading from Mid-Atlantic region, no natural predators in North America, and limited pesticide options, highly destructive to fruit/vegetable crops and a nuisance within residences.

Only three published papers in Pubmed, dating from 2007. Genetic sequence would help with rational pesticide design (if it is done like what is done for rational drug design). The public is highly fed up with this insect (it is catching up with bed bugs) and would welcome research into stopping this. Genetic material should be easily obtained.

Genomic Resources

For the most current version of the assembly, please use 'NCBI BioProject' (find link below). If the assembly is unavailable in the BioProject page (it is still being worked on), you can look under the 'BCM-HGSC data' (find link below) for intermediate versions of the assembly.

Web Apollo: A web-based sequence annotation editor for community annotation

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Additional Resources

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