House spider annotation publication plan and latest news

Updated: March 13, 2014

Please contact Alistair McGregor, if you are interested in contributing to gene annotation for the genome paper and/or companion papers.

Latest news

Automatic annotation is currently being carried out by Mario Stanke and Torsten Wierschin using RNAseq data previously generated for this species (Posnien et al., in preparation) by labs in the SpiderWeb Consortium.

Publication plan

We plan to publish the main genome paper as soon as possible and anticipate that we will be able to circulate a first draft by the end of February. We would also like to publish companion papers to expand on topics mentioned in the main genome paper and on other aspects of spider genetics and genomics including at least the following topics:

  • Venoms
  • Silks
  • Non-coding RNAs
  • Immunity Genes

Please feel free to add your topic of interest to this list if you anticipate that it will lead to a complete companion paper either focusing on the Parasteatoda alone or as part of a comparison with other animals.

Annotation Groups and Possible Companion Paper Topics


Alistair McGregor

Participating labs/groups

Arensburger, Ayoub, Bucher, Coddington, Damen, Extavour, Flot, Garb, Gillespie, Hayashi, Janssen, Jiggins, McGregor, Mittmann, Nunes da Fonseca, Oda, Pechmann, Posnien, Prpic, Richards, Ronshaugen, Rozas, Stanke, Stollewerk and Wolff

Automatic Annotation

Automatic annotation of the Parasteatoda genome is currently being carried out by Mario Stanke and Torsten Wierschin.

Hox genes

Led by Wim Damen, Evelyn Schwager, Niko Prpic and Matthias Pechmann

Oogenesis and germ line development

Led by Cassandra Extavour, Evelyn Schwager and Matthias Pechmann.

Wnt signalling/planar cell polarity

Led by Wim Damen and Gregor Bucher.

Eye development

Led by Nico Posnien.

Appendage patterning

Led by Ralf Janssen and Niko Prpic.

CNS and PNS development

Led by Angelika Stollewerk.

Hh and Dpp signalling

Led by Hiroki Oda and Yasuko Akiyama-Oda.

Endoderm development

Led by Rodrigo Nunes da Fonseca.

Other Developmental genes

Led by Wim Damen, Hiroki Oda, Yasuko Akiyama-Oda, Matthias Pechmann, Gregor Bucher, Nico Posnien, Niko Prpic.

MicroRNAs and other non-coding RNAs

Led by Alistair McGregor, Matthew Ronshaugen and Peter Arensburger.

Transposable elements

Led by Peter Arensburger.

Venom genes

Led by Jessica Garb.

Silk genes

Led by Nadia Ayoub and Cheryl Hayashi.

Immunity genes

Led by Frank Jiggins and William Palmer.

Genome structure and intron evolution

Led by Nico Posnien and Jean-Francois Flot.

Gene duplication and divergence

Led by Nico Posnien, Evelyn Schwager Niko Prpic, Jean-Francois Flot and Alistair McGregor.

Chemosensory system evolution

Led by Julio Rozas.

Adherens junction components

Led by Hiroki Oda and Yasuko Akiyama-Oda.

Pigmentation Pathways

Led by Rosemary Gillespie, Peter Croucher and Michael Brewer.

RNAi machinery

Led by Nico Posnien.

Phylogenetics and comparative genomics

Led by Jonathan Coddington and Prashant Sharma.