Bacillus pumilus F036B

About the Project

Image of Bacillus pumilus
P.I.: George Weinstock (BCM-HGSC), Wayne L. Nicholson (Univ. Florida Space Life Science Laboratory)
Collaborators: George E. Fox (Univ. Houston), Sarah K. Highlander (Dept. of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, BCM), Kasthuri Venkateswaran (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Funding: NSF
Grant#: 414410
Genome size: Estimated 5.0 Mbp
Strain: F036B

Current Status of the Project

Latest assembly date:  
Total number of reads: 572,802
Coverage: 15.5x (for 3.8Mb gneome)
Number of contigs: 1
N50 contig size:  
Number of scaffolds: NA
N50 scaffold size: NA

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You can download the data from our FTP site.

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