BCM-HGSC conditions of use

These data are made available before scientific publication with the following understanding:

  1. Any redistribution of the data should carry this notice.

  2. The data may be freely downloaded, used in analyses, and repackaged in databases.

  3. Users are free to use the data in scientific papers analyzing particular genes and regions if the providers of this data (Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center) are properly acknowledged.

    Please cite the BCM-HGSC web site or publications from BCM-HGSC referring to the genome sequence.

  4. The BCM-HGSC plans to publish the assembly, genomic annotation of the dataset, including but not limited to protein coding genes, non-coding RNAs, repetitive sequences, and identification of regions of evolutionary conservation.

  5. This is in accordance with, and with the understandings in the Fort Lauderdale meeting discussing community resource projects, the resulting NHGRI policy statement, and the Toronto statement.

  6. Contact the BCM-HGSC to coordinate concurrent publication of analyses using these data.