BCM-HGSC FTP site help

image: FTP cable

Connection information

Server: ftp.hgsc.bcm.edu

IP address:

If required:

User name:    anonymous

Password:      your e-mail address


Using a web browser

In the web browser address bar, type the Internet address (ftp://ftp.hgsc.bcm.edu) to connect to our site, and then press ENTER.

Special note for Safari web browser users: Safari will mount FTP sites in the Mac Finder. You may need to right-click on the FTP to initiate this process.

Using your computer’s file browser

Windows Explorer

Instructions from Egnyte: FTP access through Windows Explorer

Mac Finder

Instructions from OSXDaily: FTP from Mac OS X

Using an FTP client

Connect to our server using these settings in an FTP client:

Server:            ftp.hgsc.bcm.edu

User name:    anonymous
Password:      your e-mail address

Free, cross-platform FTP clients

While we do not endorse a particular FTP/SFTP client, here are a few that are available:


Using a command line interface

At the prompt, type ftp ftp.hgsc.bcm.edu

User name: anonymous
Password: your e-mail address

For available FTP commands, type help