A comprehensive transcriptional map of primate brain development.

TitleA comprehensive transcriptional map of primate brain development.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBakken, TE, Miller, JA, Ding, S-L, Sunkin, SM, Smith, KA, Ng, L, Szafer, A, Dalley, RA, Royall, JJ, Lemon, T, Shapouri, S, Aiona, K, Arnold, J, Bennett, JL, Bertagnolli, D, Bickley, K, Boe, A, Brouner, K, Butler, S, Byrnes, E, Caldejon, S, Carey, A, Cate, S, Chapin, M, Chen, J, Dee, N, Desta, T, Dolbeare, TA, Dotson, N, Ebbert, A, Fulfs, E, Gee, G, Gilbert, TL, Goldy, J, Gourley, L, Gregor, B, Gu, G, Hall, J, Haradon, Z, Haynor, DR, Hejazinia, N, Hoerder-Suabedissen, A, Howard, R, Jochim, J, Kinnunen, M, Kriedberg, A, Kuan, CL, Lau, C, Lee, C-K, Lee, F, Luong, L, Mastan, N, May, R, Melchor, J, Mosqueda, N, Mott, E, Ngo, K, Nyhus, J, Oldre, A, Olson, E, Parente, J, Parker, PD, Parry, S, Pendergraft, J, Potekhina, L, Reding, M, Riley, ZL, Roberts, T, Rogers, B, Roll, K, Rosen, D, Sandman, D, Sarreal, M, Shapovalova, N, Shi, S, Sjoquist, N, Sodt, AJ, Townsend, R, Velasquez, L, Wagley, U, Wakeman, WB, White, C, Bennett, C, Wu, J, Young, R, Youngstrom, BL, Wohnoutka, P, Gibbs, RA, Rogers, J, Hohmann, JG, Hawrylycz, MJ, Hevner, RF, Molnár, Z, Phillips, JW, Dang, C, Jones, AR, Amaral, DG, Bernard, A, Lein, ES
Date Published2016 07 21
KeywordsAging, Animals, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain, Cell Adhesion, Conserved Sequence, Female, Humans, Intellectual Disability, Macaca mulatta, Male, Microcephaly, Neocortex, Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Neurogenesis, Risk Factors, Schizophrenia, Spatio-Temporal Analysis, Species Specificity, Transcription, Genetic, Transcriptome

The transcriptional underpinnings of brain development remain poorly understood, particularly in humans and closely related non-human primates. We describe a high-resolution transcriptional atlas of rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) brain development that combines dense temporal sampling of prenatal and postnatal periods with fine anatomical division of cortical and subcortical regions associated with human neuropsychiatric disease. Gene expression changes more rapidly before birth, both in progenitor cells and maturing neurons. Cortical layers and areas acquire adult-like molecular profiles surprisingly late in postnatal development. Disparate cell populations exhibit distinct developmental timing of gene expression, but also unexpected synchrony of processes underlying neural circuit construction including cell projection and adhesion. Candidate risk genes for neurodevelopmental disorders including primary microcephaly, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, and schizophrenia show disease-specific spatiotemporal enrichment within developing neocortex. Human developmental expression trajectories are more similar to monkey than rodent, although approximately 9% of genes show human-specific regulation with evidence for prolonged maturation or neoteny compared to monkey.

Alternate JournalNature
PubMed ID27409810
Grant ListHHSN-271-2008-0047 / / PHS HHS / United States
RR00169 / RR / NCRR NIH HHS / United States

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