Diagnosis and treatment of levothyroxine pseudomalabsorption.

TitleDiagnosis and treatment of levothyroxine pseudomalabsorption.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLips, DJ, van Reisen, MT, Voigt, V, Venekamp, W
JournalNeth J Med
Date Published2004 Apr
KeywordsAdult, Female, Humans, Hypothyroidism, Malabsorption Syndromes, Thyroxine, Treatment Refusal

Many causes of malabsorption of levothyroxine in patients with hypothyroidism have been thoroughly described in literature. Pseudomalabsorption, poor compliance of the patient with the therapy regime, is the most common cause of failure of levothyroxine therapy. Pseudomalabsorption is characterised by a deficient diagnostic process, patient denial and difficulties in treatment. The present article provides guidelines in diagnosing and treating pseudomalabsorption in hypothyroidism.

Alternate JournalNeth J Med
PubMed ID15255080

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