A high-resolution map of human chromosome 12.

TitleA high-resolution map of human chromosome 12.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMontgomery, KT, Lee, E, Miller, A, Lau, S, Shim, C, Decker, J, Chiu, D, Emerling, S, Sekhon, M, Kim, R, Lenz, J, Han, J, Ioshikhes, I, Renault, B, Marondel, I, Yoon, SJ, Song, K, Murty, VV, Scherer, S, Yonescu, R, Kirsch, IR, Ried, T, McPherson, J, Gibbs, RA, Kucherlapati, R
Date Published2001 Feb 15
KeywordsChromosomes, Artificial, Bacterial, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 12, Contig Mapping, Genome, Human, Humans, Sequence Tagged Sites

Our sequence-tagged site-content map of chromosome 12 is now integrated with the whole-genome fingerprinting effort. It provides accurate and nearly complete bacterial clone coverage of chromosome 12. We propose that this integrated mapping protocol serves as a model for constructing physical maps for entire genomes.

Alternate JournalNature
PubMed ID11237017

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