A multi-omics atlas of the human retina at single-cell resolution.

TitleA multi-omics atlas of the human retina at single-cell resolution.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsLiang, Q, Cheng, X, Wang, J, Owen, L, Shakoor, A, Lillvis, JL, Zhang, C, Farkas, M, Kim, IK, Li, Y, DeAngelis, M, Chen, R
JournalCell Genom
Date Published2023 Jun 14

Cell classes in the human retina are highly heterogeneous with their abundance varying by several orders of magnitude. Here, we generated and integrated a multi-omics single-cell atlas of the adult human retina, including more than 250,000 nuclei for single-nuclei RNA-seq and 137,000 nuclei for single-nuclei ATAC-seq. Cross-species comparison of the retina atlas among human, monkey, mice, and chicken revealed relatively conserved and non-conserved types. Interestingly, the overall cell heterogeneity in primate retina decreases compared with that of rodent and chicken retina. Through integrative analysis, we identified 35,000 distal -element-gene pairs, constructed transcription factor (TF)-target regulons for more than 200 TFs, and partitioned the TFs into distinct co-active modules. We also revealed the heterogeneity of the -element-gene relationships in different cell types, even from the same class. Taken together, we present a comprehensive single-cell multi-omics atlas of the human retina as a resource that enables systematic molecular characterization at individual cell-type resolution.

Alternate JournalCell Genom
PubMed ID37388908
PubMed Central IDPMC10300490
Grant ListK08 EY031800 / EY / NEI NIH HHS / United States