A proposed architecture for ambulatory systems development.

TitleA proposed architecture for ambulatory systems development.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsBuffone, GJ, Petermann, CA, Bobroff, RB, Moore, DM, Dargahi, R, Moreau, DR, Gilson, HS, Li, Y, Fowler, J, Beck, JR
Volume8 Pt 1
Date Published1995
KeywordsAmbulatory Care Information Systems, Computer Communication Networks, Computer Systems, Medical Records Systems, Computerized, User-Computer Interface

We have developed an architecture and application framework known as the Ambulatory Services Architecture (ASA) for computerized management of patient records for ambulatory care. Our primary design goals included the development of an architecture that will be readily adaptable to advances in technology needed to enhance computerized patient record systems (e.g., multimedia, human-computer interfaces such as voice-to-text, and a fully distributed objects, etc.) and a data model and database implementation capable of providing the flexibility and extensibility needed to support a broad spectrum of specialty medical practices. This report describes the data model, access control, and the client/server components of the Ambulatory Services Architecture.

Alternate JournalMedinfo
PubMed ID8591199

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