A Validation Framework for Somatic Copy Number Detection in Targeted Sequencing Panels.

TitleA Validation Framework for Somatic Copy Number Detection in Targeted Sequencing Panels.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsChandramohan, R, Reuther, J, Gandhi, I, Voicu, H, Alvarez, KR, Plon, SE, López-Terrada, DH, Fisher, KE, D Parsons, W, Roy, A
JournalJ Mol Diagn
Date Published2022 Jul
KeywordsAlgorithms, Child, DNA Copy Number Variations, High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing, Humans, Neoplasms, Sequence Analysis, DNA

Somatic copy number alterations (SCNAs) in tumors are clinically significant diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive biomarkers. SCNA detection from targeted next-generation sequencing panels is increasingly common in clinical practice; however, detailed descriptions of optimization and validation of SCNA pipelines for small targeted panels are limited. This study describes the validation and implementation of a tumor-only SCNA pipeline using CNVkit, augmented with custom modules and optimized for clinical implementation by testing reference materials and clinical tumor samples with different classes of copy number variation (CNV; amplification, single copy loss, and biallelic loss). Using wet-bench and in silico methods, various parameters impacting CNV calling, including assay-intrinsic variables (establishment of normal reference and sequencing coverage), sample-intrinsic variables (tumor purity and sample quality), and CNV algorithm-intrinsic variables (bin size), were optimized. The pipeline was trained and tested on an optimization cohort and validated using an independent cohort with a sensitivity and specificity of 100% and 93%, respectively. Using custom modules, intragenic CNVs with breakpoints within tumor suppressor genes were uncovered. Using the validated pipeline, re-analysis of 28 pediatric solid tumors that had been previously profiled for mutations identified SCNAs in 86% (24/28) samples, with 46% (13/28) samples harboring findings of potential clinical relevance. Our report highlights the importance of rigorous establishment of performance characteristics of SCNA pipelines and presents a detailed validation framework for optimal SCNA detection in targeted sequencing panels.

Alternate JournalJ Mol Diagn
PubMed ID35487348
PubMed Central IDPMC9302205
Grant ListU01 HG006485 / HG / NHGRI NIH HHS / United States

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