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Smith MA, Hampton OA, C Reynolds P, Kang MH, Maris JM, Gorlick R, E Kolb A, Lock R, Carol H, Keir ST, Wu J, Kurmasheva RT, Wheeler DA, Houghton PJ. Initial testing (stage 1) of the PARP inhibitor BMN 673 by the pediatric preclinical testing program: PALB2 mutation predicts exceptional in vivo response to BMN 673. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2015 ;62(1):91-8.
Fern√°ndez-Valdivia R, Zhang Y, Pai S, Metzker ML, Schumacher A. l7Rn6 encodes a novel protein required for clara cell function in mouse lung development. Genetics. 2006 ;172(1):389-99.