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Postdoctoral Associate

The Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at Baylor College of Medicine is seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Associate. This position requires a trained bioinformatician, preferably with experience in programming, genomics and next generation sequencing. 

Programmer Analyst

The Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at the Baylor College of Medicine is currently seeking a Programmer Analyst to design and develop clinical and research applications utilizing established architecture, standard design patterns and coding practices. 

Bioinformatics Programmer I

This  position with the Next-Generation Sequencing Informatics (NGSI) group requires a Bioinformatics Programmer with Linux/Unix command line and coding experience. As the HGSC's Bioinformatics Core, NGSI manages the production, maintenance, and primary analysis of all genome sequencing data at the HGSC, including Illumina HiSeq X and NovaSeq informatics. NGSI also contributes to multiple clinical, Mendelian, and large cohort sequencing studies, specifically in the areas of structural variation and at-scale genomic data science. Under the direction of a senior manager, a qualified candidate will assist with running research informatics pipelines, managing data storage and delivery, and troubleshooting routine production issues.

Research Technician III

Opportunity for a Research Technician III position is open immediately in Dr. Rui Chen's group at the Single Cell Genomics Core facility.  Duties primarily involve performing sample intake, DNA/RNA extraction, QC, sequencing library preparation, and operating the cutting edge single cell related platforms, such as the 10x Genomics CHROMIUM platform.

Research Assistant I

The Variant Annotation Workgroup at the Human Genome Sequencing Center is responsible for interpreting genomic variants that are detected in patient samples. To do so, this team reviews genomic variants and applies American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines to interpret the pathogenicity of genetic variants in those samples. In this role, team members will work as part of a high-throughput, largely automated system to create clinical reports that deliver genomic insights back to the clinician and ultimately the patient.

Research Assistant I

The Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center Clinical Laboratory (BCM-HGSC-CL) is seeking to recruit a Research Assistant (RA- I) to work in production pipelines. 
The position would principally involve in sample preparation for next generation sequencing (NGS) across multiple pipelines including DNA QC, construction of NGS DNA libraries, target enrichment sequencing, Illumina instrumentation, and SNP array genotyping production.