Project Manager- Scientific

Baylor Main Campus, Houston, TX

The HGSC Clinical Informatics (HGSC-CL) team is looking for a Project and Process Manager to oversee the execution of multiple high-throughput clinical sequencing projects. Our center is involved in a number of large NIH-funded next-generation sequencing (NGS) initiatives, with partners around the country. As part of that work, we need to develop and operate systems that analyze that data and allow our collaborators to access it. As a member of the the HGSC Clinical Informatics team, you will directly contribute to the HGSC’s pioneering work in Mendelian genomics and multiple NIH Precision Medicine initiatives. The HGSC-CL informatics team focuses on the center’s growing list of clinical projects and partnerships. The many well-defined and funded HGSC projects offer our talented staff the freedom to innovate and the satisfaction of delivering actionable results. Although a software engineering and biology background is not required for this position, an interest in software development and human genetics is important.

  • Manages and coordinates the activities of one or more projects to ensure that goals and objectives are accomplished within specified time frame.
  • Manages the project to ensure that implementation and prescribed activities are carried out in accordance with specified objectives.
  • Analyzes project goals, plans schedule of deadlines for project completion, and develops action plan and processes for project completion from inception to evaluation.
  • Detects redundancies and other opportunities for process improvement.
  • Coordinates efforts between various stakeholders; coordinates project activities; assigns tasks and provides guidance to personnel responsible for specific functions or phases of the project.
  • Develops, recommends and implements necessary improvements and changes.
  • Trains co-workers and new employees on process improvement methods and completed project deliverables.
  • Confers with staff to explain project and individual responsibilities for functions and phases of the project.
  • May prepare or participate in the preparation of abstracts, research reports, funding proposals, operations and procedure manuals, and other written material and documentation as required.
  • Reviews reports and records of activities to ensure progress is made toward specified program objectives.
  • Develops, implements, and maintains appropriate policies and procedures concerning project administration.
  • May manage and administer grants for project, including the coordination of meetings, communications and other operations.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Health Administration or in a related field.
  • Four years of relevant work experience.


  • Master's degree in Business Administration, Health Administration or in a related field. 
  •  Interest in software development and human genetics