How to Obtain Library BAC Clones

Most clones are not directly available from the BCM-HGSC.

Human, Mouse, Drosophila, Bovine and Rat Clones

Human, Mouse, and Drosophila clones with an RP designation, and Bovine and Rat clones with a CH designation (e.g. RP11, RP23, RP24, RP98, CH240, or CH230) may be purchased from BACPAC Resources or from Invitrogen. The libraries may be available, please contact BACPAC Resources. (Note: Clones referred to as RP11 would be ordered from library RPCI-11; clones referred to as CH230- would be ordered from library CHORI-230; clones referred to as RP98- or BACR would be ordered from library RPCI-98).

CalTech Human Library BAC Clones

CalTech Human Library BAC clones (designated CTB, CTC or CTD) may be ordered from Invitrogen.

S. purpuratus Clones

The BAC clone libraries used in the S. purpuratus sequencing project were provided by the Davidson laboratory at Caltech. Requests for clones can be made at

Dictyostelium Clones

Dictyostelium clones are not being widely distributed, but can be requested on a case-by-case basis. Each center is responsible for the distribution of their respective clone sets.

BCM: Richard Sucgang
Jena: Ludwig Eichinger
Sanger Centre: Marie-Adele Rajandream

BACPAC Resources

Children's Hospital Oakland
747 52nd St. J
Oakland, Ca. 94609 USA

Fax: (510) 450-7924
Example libraries available: RP11, RP23, RP24, RP98, CH230, and CH240

1600 Faraday Avenue
P.O. Box 6482
Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA

Phone: (706) 603-7200
Fax: (706) 602-6500
Example libraries available: CalTech Library D, RP11, C-cap