KidsCanSeq Study

About the study

The KidsCanSeq program, in which about 900 patients are expected to be enrolled over four years, is funded by a grant from the NHGRI Clinical Sequencing Evidence-Generating Research Consortium (CSER2) and will compare the results of large-scale genomic testing, such as whole exome sequencing, to targeted clinical tests in childhood cancer patients at five sites across the state that serve a highly diverse patient population, including Texas Children’s Cancer Center. 

Specifically, the study will compare the targeted cancer panel to whole exome sequencing of a blood sample of all enrolled childhood cancer patients to find hereditary factors and to whole exome sequencing, transcriptome sequencing and copy number array of tumor samples for the subset of patients with high-risk or relapsed tumors to find mutations that might guide treatment.

The Human Genome Sequencing Clinical Laboratory will contribute to this program by providing the high-quality germline Whole Exome sequencing of blood samples for the unselected patients and Whole Exome and transcriptome sequencing of FFPE tumor samples for the subset of patients with high-risk tumors.