G/GREAT Program


2015 ABRCMS Conference in Seattle, WA   G/GREAT attendees visiting alumni at the MeHarry booth:  Natasha de la Rosa Rivera (University of Houston), LaCassidy Broadnax (University of Missouri-Columbia), Benjamin Ricard (Texas State University-San Marcos), Danyeal Heckard (MeHarry Medical College-Ph.D. candidate), Karen Hernandez (Trinity Washington University), and Molly Starkovich (San Francisco State University).

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The HGSC-G/GREAT (Genetics/Genomics Research Education And Training Program) provides funding for undergraduates majoring in biology, chemistry, physics, electrical or mechanical engineering, or computer science. Summer research opportunities are available each summer for students who are interested in learning about genomic research and graduate school preparation. Students will conduct research projects in biomedical/genetic laboratories, bioinformatics, or robotics.

The G/GREAT provides:

  • A competitive stipend
  • Designated housing near Baylor College of Medicine
  • Nine weeks of mentored research in a biomedical/genetics/bioinformatics or engineering research laboratory
  • An opportunity to interact with undergraduate students in the BCM-SMART program
  • Participation in a GRE Preparation Course
  • Bioinformatics BootCamp Course
  • HGSC-GREAT Genomics and Biomedical Review Course
  • Biomedical research seminars and activities to assist with student career goals
  • Graduate Career Counseling from the program mentor