Minority Diversity Initiative Programs

Program Goal

The goal of the BCM-HGSC Minority Diversity Initiative is to interest minority students in genomic science careers. This initiative achieves this goal by preparing our interns/post-baccalaureates to obtain Ph.Ds.  We need a diverse student body and faculty interested in addressing the many genetic causes of disease that afflict our communities. These scientists will bring a diversity of ideas and approaches to conquer the challenges caused by the many conditions that burdened our populations.

Underrepresented minorities are identified by the BCM-HGSC as African American, Hispanic American, Native American, and Pacific Islander.

Launched in 2003, our diversity programs are funded by NHGRI to provide undergraduate students and BCM-HGSC employees with research opportunities and helpful research skills and tools to pursue a career in genomics.  Currently, 10 program alumni have earned Ph.Ds.’, and 25 at various stages of the Ph.D. pipeline.

Current Status of Alumni Accepted/Matriculated into PhD Programs (n=35)
Earned Ph.D.: 9
Earned M.D.:  1
Defending May 2016:  1
5th Year Graduate Student: 1
4th Year Graduate Student: 5
3rd Year Graduate Student: 5
Earned M.S. (3rd Year Pharmacy): 1
Left Ph.D. program with M.S.: 2
2nd Year Graduate Student: 3
1st Year Graduate Student: 4
Beginning grad program Aug. 2016: 3

Doctorates Completed by Program Alumni

image: Lori Banks, Ph.D. image: Alejandra Chavez, Ph. D. image: Armand Brown, Ph.D.
Lori Banks, Ph.D.
Alejandra Chavez, Ph.D.
Armand Brown, Ph.D.
image: Demetra Farley, Ph. D. image: Anel Lizcano, Ph.D. and Stacy Lloyd, Ph.D. image: Erica Taylor, Ph.D.
Demetra Farley, Ph.D.
Stacy Lloyd, Ph.D.
Anel Lizcano, Ph.D.
Erica Taylor, Ph.D.