Pharmacogenomics: RIGHT10K study

About the project

The RIGHT10K (Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Time: Using Genomic Data to Individualize Treatment) studies the impact of getting patients the right drug at the right dose at the right time based on their genetic information.

Mayo Clinic is collaborating with the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center Clinical Laboratory to sequence 76 pharmacogenes from Mayo Clinic Biobank samples from 10,000 patients who receive all of their health care at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  Results from a subset of the 76 pharmacogenes will be placed into the electronic health record (EHR) and an interpretive report will be placed into the patient’s medical record.  Using the sequencing results of the specific genotypes, Mayo will improve their health care by utilizing the clinical decision support alerts for 19 different drug-gene pairs and can also systematically evaluate the clinical and fiscal impact of those alerts. The study team can also do retrospective analysis of EHR data determine how the presence of genetic information might have altered patient outcomes.

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