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Author: K. James Durbin (Atlas Genome Tools Group)

Copyright © Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center. All rights reserved.

Bang is a fast repeat-supressing search tool, written primarily for anchoring reads to genomes but also adaptable to other genome scale comparison problems.

Bang's key features are efficiently coded k-mer hashing which gives it exceptional speed, a k-mer thinning scheme that allows it to run large jobs in a comparatively small RAM footprint, and an ability to use k-mer distributions to effectively perform de novo repeat filtering of matches. Bang is also designed to be convenient to use with even very large data sets (e.g. no arbitrary limits on the number of query sequences like megablast).

An example of the kind of performance you can expect from bang is given in the table below.

Program Genome Size Reads RAM RunTime Sensitivity Specificity
bang 120 MB 500K (~450 MB) ~400 MB 10 minutes 0.981 0.973
megablast 120 MB 500K (~450 MB) ~300 MB 60 minutes 0.999 0.265
ssaha 120 MB 500K (~450 MB) ? (ran out of memory on 4 GB machine)

This table gives out-of-the-box performance characteristics and is intended only to give you a relative view of bang's characteristics. Suitability for any particular application is dependent on many factors.

To further illustrate the blinding speed of bang, consider a recent read-mapping task we performed. In this task, 2.5 million human re-sequencing reads were mapped to the human genome using eight cluster CPUs in only 2.5 wall-clock hours, or a total of 18 CPU-hours. Peak RAM usage was 600 MB. Said another way, we could have done a complete mapping of 1x coverage of reads to the human genome on a single laptop in less than a day.

System Requirements

  • Binaries are available for Solaris, Linux x86, and OS X.

  • Compilation from the source requires the CBT++ library.


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