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About the Software

Author: K. James Durbin

Copyright © Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center. All rights reserved.

The BCM Trace Viewer is a Java application/applet to display .scf traces and phred quality values.

Features of the BCM Trace Viewer are:

  • Reads SCF 2.0 or SCF 3.0 files

  • Reads quality values out of SCF 3.0 files, from separate file for SCF 2.0

  • Reads files uncompressed or gzipped

  • Displays quality values as numbers or as a quality graph

  • Quality values/graph can be colored to match bases or on a "temperature" scale

  • Displays location of base calls

  • Can turn on/off individual traces

  • Can display trace as connected lines or individual points

  • Can scale trace both horizontally and vertically

  • Window is resizable (can take advantage of whatever resolution is available)

  • Written in Java so it's portable across a variety of operating systems and machines

  • Runs as a stand alone application (with java interpreter)

  • Runs as an web page embeddable applet

  • Reads .scf files for trace data

  • Reads .exp (Xgap) files for quality

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License and Download

BCM Trace Viewer readme

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For additional information, contact us at questions@bcm.edu