Staphylococcus aureus MRSA USA300

About the Project

P.I.: George Weinstock (BCM-HGSC), Sarah Highlander (Dept. Molecular Virology and Microbiology, BCM), Sheldon Kaplan (Texas Children's Hospital)
Collaborators: Kristina Hulten (TCH), Edward Mason (TCH)
Funding: TCH-BCM
Genome size:  
Strain: MRSA USA300
Current Status of the Project
Latest assembly date: 7-05-2005
Total number of reads: 37925(Sanger)/431656(454)
Coverage: 9.3x(Sanger)/16.3x(454) (for 2.8 Mb gneome)
Number of contigs: 1312
N50 contig size: 3472 bp
Number of scaffolds: 1
N50 scaffold size: 2,950,551 bp
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You can download the data from our FTP site.

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