About the Software

Authors: Jixin Deng and Kim C. Worley

Atlas-Link links and orients genome sequence contigs quickly and accurately using mate-pair information. Atlas-Link can take advantage of unused mate-pair data from a WGS genome assembly or additional sequence data from different sequencing technologies or more recent sequence production. Atlas-Link currently supports Illumina, SOLiD, 454, and Sanger sequencing technologies.

Atlas-Link can operate on a de novo genome assembly provided as a set of contigs with mapping information for the sequence reads. Alternatively, Atlas-Link can superscaffold an existing genome assembly when provided with the .agp file of the assembly. In this iterative improvement mode, Atlas-Link retains the scaffolding information that exists from the input genome and incorporates the additional scaffolding information in a revised genome scaffold. The software implements a greedy algorithm and uses graph theory.

The Atlas-Link software takes a file describing the library information for the mate pair data, a file describing the read alignment information based on the TIGR Assembler’s adaptation of the GDE alignment format (, and a configuration file in xml format, and an optional .agp file (

Example files are included in the download package.

System Requirements and Installation


  • Navigate to the Atlas-Link download directory in a terminal window

  • Run: perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=(your current working folder)

  • Run: make

  • Run: make install


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Current release: Atlas-Link

Version 0.01 (10-18-2010):


For additional information, contact Kim Worley ( or Jixin Deng (